The 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards Jurors!

We are pleased to introduce you to our 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards volunteer jury. They made our fifth season possible!

Anathea, aka @AnatheaT, started her career in the management consulting industry. After years of business travel, she decided she’d rather work in hotels than live in them and now puts her marketing degree to good use as a marketing and social media specialist for hotels. She spends her free time planning her next trip with her family.

Arianna Merritt, M.Ed., is a psychotherapist and educator whose mission is to help people smile in stressful situations. Arianna is the author of “Stand Tall & Speak From the Heart: How to Find Your Way” and the Founder of Arianna’s Random Thoughts – an interactive forum that provides individuals with the practical strategies, community, and mentorship to reach their full potential. Connect with her Facebook and on Twitter


Audrey van Petegem is an independent blogger that has been published in a variety of online magazines and blogs such as Huffington Post, Boomeon, BlogHer, Elephant Journal, and Midlife Boulevard. She is a co-author to the #1 Best Selling Amazon Book, The Empowered Women of Social Media. She is proud to be a baby boomer and would be the first to tell you the good, the bad, and the ugly about this stage in life. Currently she works with writers and authors with their branding, marketing, and social media needs. You can follow her on Twitter at @Audreyvp.

Ben Rogers, aka @BenRogersWPG, is a marketing and social media consultant, web content manager/developer, and photoblogger. Ben is a known social media powerhouse who can be found engaging with people on pretty much every social network! He is the social media coordinator for the Secret Handshake, a Winnipeg creative professional networking event group. Ben also hosts a tech/comedy podcast named The Incoherent Podcast – listen, learn and laugh! Follow Ben’s work on Pinterest and Instagram.

Jen Wilson.jpg

Brent Almond is a dad/designer/writer and blogs as Designer Daddy, which he knows isn’t all that clever. Brent's writing can also be found on Huffington PostThe Good Men Project, and, and he was a BlogHer 2014 Voices of the Year honoree, which was super cool. Brent also serves on the board of Rainbow Families DC, an organization that supports and connects LGBT families.

Caryn Payzant writes She takes the wisdom and experience gained during her first 50 years and uses it as a springboard into the next 50. You can count on Caryn to try new things, look at old things from a new perspective, and share great information in the areas of Healthy Living, Family, Education, and Mid Life Musings. Caryn is a wife, mother, grandmother, school board trustee, social media consultant, and lifelong learner living in always sunny Southern California.

Emma Waverman has been trying to embrace the chaos for five years, with differing levels of success. She still writes at, but is a little bit more diligent at her day job as the current events blogger for and freelance writing for magazines. She co-wrote the bestselling cookbook Whining and Dining: Melatime Survivial for Picky Eaters and Families Who Love Them. She makes typos, here, there, and everywhere and especially on Twitter at @emmawaverman


Jen Wilson has been blogging since 2004 but has a bad habit of blowing her blog up every year or so. She quit all four of her jobs three years ago, partly because she couldn't get that being-on-time thing down, and also because she wanted to be more available for her kids. She now works from home creating phenomenal websites with Elan. Jen is currently parked at and twitters from @jenwilsonca. She lives in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.

Jennie Goutet is the author of memoir A Lady in France and blogs under the same name. She also wrote an illustrated the children’s book Happy People Everywhere and is a contributing author to Sunshine After the Storm and That's Paris. She was a BlogHer Voices of the Year pick twice, and her writing has appeared in Huffington Post and Queen Latifah’s website. She lives just outside of Paris with her husband and three children.


Jennifer Lavallee lives in Alberta with her husband and three kids. She runs a lifestyle website called Mama & Co. where she loves to share fun crafting and baking ideas, stories, and support her community. You can find her on twitter at @thisismamaandco.


John Leschinski has spent over a decade as designer and front-end developer, creating everything from mobile apps to television productions. John also dedicates his time as the Chair of the longest running and largest new media unconference in Canada, PodCamp Toronto. You can find him on Twitter at @picard102.

Kathleen Sperduti now works full-time as a Gluten Free Lifestyle and Travel Writer after spending 13 years at the head of a high school classroom. She runs Celiac Baby and Gluten Free Family Travel. She is also a freelance and ghost-writer for a number of international clients. When not spending time with her husband and two young boys, she enjoys reading and writing fiction. She recently sold everything to spend a year in Europe with her family. Next stop: France in 2015!

Katie York lives in Toronto and is a former blogger who now just admires other blogs from afar. She works in software quality assurance during the day and is pretty much online all night. She is a transplanted Haligonian who now calls Toronto her home despite the fact she gets mocked for her East Coast accent on a weekly basis by the locals. She is often found on Twitter under the name @motherbumper and also can be found on Instagram under the same name. 

Kim Tobin is a wife to Nick and Mom to Ben with another baby on the way. Hailing from New Brunswick, she blogs at HappyPrettyBlog about health, wellness, motherhood, and whatever life throws at her family! She can often be found at the rink, Target, or running her Shaklee business. She had a wonderful experience judging the Canadian Weblog Awards and loved finding new blogs to read! Connect with her on Twitter at @kimberleytobin and Facebook at HappyPrettyBlog.

Kimberly Moynahan is a freelance science and nature writer. She blogs on the natural sciences, animals, and the writing life on her site Endless Forms Most Beautiful. She has been published in Scientific American’s Best Science Writing Online, and several of her blog posts have attracted international attention. Kim serves on the Leadership Team for Science Borealis, the Canadian science blog network, and she is a regular blogger for the Canadian Science Writers Association. You can find her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Leonardo Dell'Anno is an award winning producer of film, theatre, and digital media, including the Canadian Screen Award nominated, Interactive Musical Web Series, Prison Dancer (2011–2013) and American Documentary Channel short Tyler (2011). He is currently the Production Manager of the CFC Media Lab at the Canadian Film Centre (CFC). He has also been involved in several interactive media projects internationally including works displayed at the 01SJ Digital Arts Festival in San Jose, CA and SXSW Interactive Music & Film Festival 2011 in Austin, TX.  You can find him on twitter @usualsuspectguy.

Louise Gleeson is a science writer turned storyteller who’s on a mission to light up the Internet with joy. She finds inspiration in her daily family life and blogs about it at Late Night Plays, which was named one of SavvyMoms 75 Most Influential Canadian Mom Blogs. She is also grateful to have been nominated for a 2013 and 2014 Canadian Weblog Award. Louise lives outside Toronto and can be found on Instagram and Twitter as @louisegleeson.

Natasha Chiam started writing in 2008 as part of her e-commerce babywearing and natural parenting website. After she'd closed the store, she was referred to as a "stay at home feminist" on a fateful night out with friends (and wine). That moniker stuck, and she now writes about life, motherhood, and feminism at the new, swanky, Schmutzie-designed She has a strange addiction to rainbow socks and fancies herself a bit of a disturber of the status quo. You can find her on Twitter at @NatashaMonChi and on Instagram at @StayatHomeFeminist

Nicola Bain is extremely proud to be Scottish and Canadian, and she currently lives in the Toronto area with her two daughters and beloved Chihuahua. She holds an MA from The University of Glasgow and a post-grad in Teaching English as a Second Language from Humber College, and she is a self-confessed Diet Coke and Starbucks addict. She writes about the ups, downs, psychology, and legalities related to life as a double parent at The Double Parent and The Double Parent on Facebook, and she can be found around the web as @TheDoubleParent on Twitter and thedoubleparent on Pinterest.


Sarah Khan is a digital strategic and communications professional working in higher education. During the day, she can be found at the University of Toronto or on Twitter at @sakhmeth. At night, you will find her following her passions: volunteering, food, cars, special events, and her two pet parrots.

Shalimar Novak is married and lives in Toronto, and she is currently on mat leave and loving the time she gets to spend with her three-month-old daughter and miniature schnauzer, Fritz. Before going on mat leave, she was working in the social work field and enjoying uninterrupted visits to the gym, attending arts markets, and drinking lattes before they got cold.

Shayna is a married mother to an exhausting but adorable three year old girl. She is a work outside the home mommy doing her best to balance it all. You can find her over at Mommy Outside the Box and over on the Twitterverse at @MommyOutside.

Susan Wright-Boucher loves blogging and all things digital. If she's awake, she's online. She writes about employer branding, careers, and social media on Plugged In Recruiter as well as several other recruiting and marketing sites. Next time you're on Twitter, look for @SWrightBoucher.


Terra started blogging as a hobby in 2004. Two years later, she'd parlayed 3am-written memes into Moody Media Management, offering professional writing, speaking, consulting, and management of Internet-based businesses. Five years in, she kind of lost it and dropped off the Internet until the discovery that she was adding twins to her solo-parenting gig in 2013, which is when she rediscovered Facebook. Recently, Zoeyjane |and| Co. was quietly launched, and a second website is on the drawing board for 2015.


Tinne of Tantrums and Tomatoes, born in Belgium on the fourth of July in a time before the invention of the smart phone, is a working mother of two adorably mischievous little girls, the wife of her high school sweetheart, and the owner of a black cat called Atilla. Since she likes to cook, her blog is mainly devoted to food, and because she is Belgian, she has an absurd sense of humour and is frequently snarky. When she is not devoting all her attention to the internet, she likes to read, write, and eat chocolate. Her greatest nemesis is laundry.   

Tracey Rossignol is a former 1980s fashionista trying to rediscover her personal style in her 40s. Thankfully the big hair, matching scrunchy socks, and hip belts are gone. Tracey has been writing about her personal mis-adventures in style at Fashion Forward 40 for the past five years. She spends her days developing hard-working marketing and communications campaigns.

Yvette Yo Lee, aka @msyoleecom, is a style blogger and photographer originally based out of Toronto. Currently with a serious case of wanderlust, she spent all of 2014 travelling the different parts of Southeast Asia while documenting and sharing on her blog Never too serious, a flâneur, enjoys humour and lives by the motto "Carpe Diem".