The 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards Winners Are Here!


The 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards winners are here! Over the course of the last year, we (that means us, Aidan and Elan) have been making spreadsheets, verifying nominations, coding, social-media-ing, and bringing together a large and diverse jury, and it's hard to believe that we're already announcing our finalists.

We saw 530 individual blogs nominated across 26 categories, which makes it our biggest year yet. Our 34 volunteer jurors worked hard over the course of this November and December using our ten criteria to judge each of the blogs in both the first and second rounds to arrive at our winners. This jury has worked hard to bring you our narrowing set of finalists in both rounds — each of them read and critiqued between 60 and 75 blogs altogether — and I wish I could explain the level of gratitude we have for their hard work. Without these volunteer jurors, the 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards would not be possible, and it was an honour to work with them.

And now, because putting this off any further is just mean, we are thrilled to announce the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in the 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards!

Activism & Social Justice / Activisme et la justice sociale

1st:  Gender Focus
2nd:  Femme sans enfant
3rd:  Young Agrarians

Agriculture & Nature / Agriculture et nature

1st:  You Grow Girl
2nd:  Young Agrarians
3rd:  Don Enright — The Nature of Travel

Art & Crafting / Art et artisanat

1st:  Coco Cake Land
2nd:  Apartment613
3rd:  Draw and Shoot

Arts & Entertainment / Arts et spectacles

1st:  Musical Toronto
2nd:  The Arts Guild
3rd:  The Permanent Rain Press

Business & Career / Affaires et carrières

1st:  Verge Permaculture
2nd:  The Phone Lady
3rd:  Twirp Communications

Education / Éducation

1st:  Dr. Pineda's Blog
2nd:  Business For Beginners
3rd:  VeganOstomy

Family & Parenting / Famille et parentalité

1st:  Everyday Little Moments
2nd:  (Cooking for) Kiwi & Bean

Fashion & Design / Mode et design

1st:  Rose City Style Guide
2nd:  Just a Trace
3rd:  Chic Darling

Food & Drink / Cuisine et breuvages

1st:  (Cooking for) Kiwi & Bean
2nd:  Yummy Beet
3rd:  In Search Of Yummy-ness

French Language / En française

1st:  Détour Local
2nd:  Mag escapades
3rd:  Le Cahier

Green Living / La vie écologique

1st:  Young Agrarians
2nd:  You Grow Girl
3rd:  The Green Mama

Group Weblog / Blogue collectif

1st:  Apartment613
2nd:  Chic Darling
3rd:  Departful

Health & Wellness / Santé et bien-être

1st:  Sober Julie
2nd:  Le Cahier
3rd:  Foodobyte

Humour / Humour

1st:  Mother Blogger
2nd:  TwoFunMoms
3rd:  Cartoon-Coloured Glasses

Lifetime Achievement Award / Prix pour l'ensemble des réalisations

1st:  PhD in Parenting
2nd:  Loulou's views
3rd:  The Hoop Doctors

Placeblog / Blog sur lieu

1st:  613 Style
2nd:  Swing la bacaisse dans l'fond d'la boîte à bois
3rd:  Apartment613

Politics / Politique

1st:  Gender Focus
2nd:  daveberta
3rd:  John Ibbitson's Blog

Religion & Spirituality / Religion et spiritualité

1st:  This Pilgrim's Progress
2nd:  Catholic Chapter House
3rd:  The Conscious Perspective

Science & Technology / Science et technologie

1st:  Neurorexia
2nd:  Land Lines
3rd:  Dr. Pineda's Blog

Sponsored & Product Review Blogs / Sponsorisé et compte rendu des produits

1st:  Toronto Teacher Mom
2nd:  TurnipSeed Travel
3rd:  Loulou's views

Sports & Recreation / Sports et loisirs

1st:  The Hoop Doctors
2nd:  Active Kids Active Family
3rd:  Derby Frontier

Topical / Topique

1st:  Kol's Notes
2nd:  Vancity Bride
3rd:  Chasing Hazel

Travel / Voyage

1st:  Departful
2nd:  TurnipSeed Travel
3rd:  A Cook Not Mad

Writing & Literature / Écriture et littérature

1st:  Obscure CanLit Mama
2nd:  A Slice of Life — with Linda Hoye
3rd:  InScribe Writers Online

Congratulations to all of our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners! Go grab a button and show yourself off a little. You do good work, and now you have the badge to prove it.

And to everyone who nominated blogs, shared our content, and helped us move this 5th year of the 2014 Canadian Weblog Awards along to be its biggest ever, thank you so much. This one's for all of you.


Elan Morgan

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